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We provide philanthropy. Without boundries. We support, collaborate on and initiate philanthropic projects around the world. Regardless of gender, race, or religion. If you are launching, or are involved in, a project that aims to promote cultural understanding, develop communities, empower women or enable young people, then it may be eligible for a grant.

Who Can Apply?

We extend grants to registered organizations, social and community causes, and emergency funding for disaster relief. Applications from individuals – either for personal help or cause-related – will not be considered.

Developing Communities
Empowering Woman & Youth
Providing Vital Disaster Relief
Projects for Developing Communities or Empowering Women & Young People must meet the following criteria:
  • Received funding from international sources within the past five years.
  • Adhere to the general principles of venture philanthropy.
  • Encourage or build social entrepreneurship.
  • Result in social innovation and community development.
Priority is given to initiatives and proposals that seek to apply innovative technologies and solutions to problems, create significant and sustainable change and have a measurable impact. We encourage applicants to work in partnership with other stakeholders and leverage support from external third-party sources.
Bringing Cultures Together
For applications to support programs that further global cultural understanding, the proposed program should:
  • Involve a university with proven credentials as a center of learning.
  • Focus on research and outreach to promote interfaith and intercultural relations.
  • Promote understanding of Islam in the West and the understanding of the West in the Islamic world.
  • Demonstrate commitment to foster dialogue and discussions.

Grant Application Process

  • 1. Please fill in the inquiry form below, indicating the focus area of your project, along with a brief overview.
  • 2. We will contact you for further information, requesting a formal letter of inquiry/concept.
  • 3. If your project is eligible for a grant, we will invite you to fill in the grant application form.

Grant Application Reviews

We review each grant application thoroughly. The evaluation process takes six to nine months from the date of submitting the application and involves a comprehensive investigation into the applicant organization as well as the grant proposal.

A final evaluation report and recommendations are submitted to our Board of Trustees, which votes on applications that make it to this final round.

Please note: we regularly receive a large number of inquiry letters and concept papers, and personal meetings and presentations by applicants are discouraged.

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